shed some light on

Idiom(s): shed (some) light on something and throw (some) light on somethingTheme: EXPLANATIONto reveal something about something; to clarify something.

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(Also with any.)• This discussion has shed some light on the problem.• Let"s see if Ann can throw any light on this question.

shed (some) light on (something)

To reveal information or details about something; lớn clarify or help people understand something. We"ve hired a private investigator lớn help shed light on the clandestine dealings of the organization. These documents we"ve uncovered shed some light on how the late author"s final book was meant lớn end.Learn more: light, on, shed

shed (some) light on something

andthrow (some) light on something
Fig. To reveal something about something; lớn clarify something. (Also with any.) This discussion has shed some light on the problem.

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Let"s see if Ann can throw any light on this question.Learn more: light, on, shed

shed light on

Also, throw light on. Clarify or explain, as in I was hoping the professor would shed light on how he arrived at his theory, or Can anyone throw some light on where these plants came from? Originally, from about 1200, these expressions were used literally, in the sense of "illuminate," but they soon were used figuratively as well. Learn more: light, on, shed

shed light on something

If something sheds light on a situation, it makes it easier khổng lồ understand. Is there anything that Moira said that might shed some light on what happened? Note: Cast or throw are sometimes used instead of shed. Perhaps the brothers could cast light on that mystery.Learn more: light, on, shed, something

cast/shed/throw (new) ˈlight on something

make a problem, etc. Easier lớn understand: This book sheds new light on the role of the CIA. ♢ ‘Can you throw any light on the matter?’Learn more: cast, light, on, shed, something, throwLearn more:
shirk one"s duty ships that pass in the night shipping & handling shift for oneself shell sth out shed some light on shed crocodile tears sharp as a razor share và share alike shape sb up Shame on shat shatter shatter (one's) hopes shave shave off shaved shavetail shaving shazam Shazzam Shazzam! she she got yams She shoots, she scores! shebang shed shed (some) light on (something) shed (some) light upon (something) shed a tear shed blood shed crocodile tears shed light on shed light on something shed light on, to shed out shed some light on sheen sheep sheeple sheepskin sheesh Sheesh! sheet sheisty shekel shekels shelf shelf life shell shell an amount of money out she'll be apples she'll be jake she'll be right she'll be right(, mate) shell trò chơi shell out shell out an amount of money shell shock shellac shellacked shellacking
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